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back from a holiday/ wishing i was there
yellow bear


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they had to prise me loose from the palms
and rough - shove me onto the flight home

well three quarters of it was work related, i was
there to shoot iffi, but i took a few days off later

oooh where was this? thanks for sharing your pics :)

goa, a number of beaches on :)

(it says so, right at the top)

and the city i came home to, like tired luggage
battered en route. such a counterpoint. so drone.

wow, looks like nonstopunadulteratedfulltimefun! good good, u really deserved the break...
and why do i think i need to pick up the phone and call u for a long conversation :-) (*ahem, cough cough)

you do need to, missy :)
(but there's no *cough)


sifting through my old bookmarks, i came across you again.
haven't used the livejournal forever myself.
life is funny sometimes
i'm 24 now..
i hope everything is great with you,
life is so funny
~your old memories from canada, christopher
email me sometime, ipwn ~at~ rogers ~dot~ com :D

more fun than funny
(merci, mon dieu)

and, i will!

soon as i've figured out what i want to say

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