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all i've shot lately is food
black bear

and i wouldn't eat any of it since i'm vegetarian
for misha. who sent me a livejournal nudge in complaint
later, when i'm les strung out, a proper post from me
hope everyone's getting on well?

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hahaa.. good to know you're still reachable in your hiatus. :) and all your pictures are a color fiesta!

someday do post a verse a two.. i miss your writing, sweetpea. *hugs*

i will.

let's say some ideas
are finally bubbling
in the total messed up
soup of colour in my head


How's the camera behaving.. Post some new photos...

need some more practice on it before i can post good pictures. i've put some on picturetheory.

panasonics are suspicious
but.. s'it any good at all?

Yummy!!!! (both the photos and the food)...

but i loathe doing flat food shots
i had no lights to work with so not
too much of an option as it goes there


This is an evil evil post.
*salivates at 2 am :(*

( )


dead animals don't appetise me, though
i had to grit my teeth and do the job!

.... boiled alive!!!!

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