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well maybe the mountains know what to call you now
black bear

and if you're collecting pieces of me
play this when i die

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i love this picture of you.

(Deleted comment)

oh i tend to ricochet
hello, wave wave

Dev is a real modern day hippy!
What a trip.
And just a youngun.

he's delicious
*and young yers

i only have cripple crow
now i'm seeking far and
wider for the rest of him

how've you been girlie?
give bu nuffluff from his
overseas girlfriend.. who's
snoring on my ankle as i type
sigh. sleeping dogs make me
marshmallow hearted

I've been a busy bee
and now that I'm a free-bee, I've been keeping myself even buzzier.

This week I went to see Gregory Popovich and his animal show with my girlfriend and her daughter.
Visiting another girlfriend who is recovering from a total roto-rootering
Giving much love to Buddha and his three cats
Went shopping at Sam's (a big wholesale place ) with my mom's membership card tonite. Spent waaaaaay too much money for just going in to buy two whole chickens (Buddha's food supplement and enticer to eat).
How did two chickens cost $250??
Oh. And went to the hairdresser and got my hair snipped and highlighted today! hair languishes
in a mire of neglect
the pink dyes beckon!

hello/hug. i've been a
busybee, & now i'm sick
it rains and rains, here

man-cub says ...

ok then, i've pocketed this one!


That clip is hypnotic, the howls echo long inside me head
Full moon nights that pull (pull-moon nights too!) at the wolf from deep within

"When I’m in a womb I know what to call you now
And when a belly blooms I know what to call you now" That is the line!

that silver sphere in the sky, comes calling out to my eye
And often i've wanted to Aaaaoooooooooooooooooh

one time I'd coined, "mother cheetah" an idea to symbolize protectivenurturingmommies;
cheetah cubs aren't they the cutest, yes?

~ novfox

cheetah cubs/pups *are the cutest, yes
that silver mane, those funny ink spots
if you need more devendra, let me know :)

ooooo yes, more devendra would be welcome, thunks* ;c)

and how do i get him to you?
email or trade a cd somewhere?

(Deleted comment)


you fair, fair women of the bay.
i check in headless from time to time to
see you rose-colored.


that's the monochrome effect for
you. actually, i'm way too tanned

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